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Random Musings -You Never Know



You Never Know…



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Recently, we were at a Keith Urban concert in Colorado.  There was a young couple behind us that seemed to be enjoying the show, as were the people beside us.  Of course, there was one big obnoxious drunk guy that was stepping on me and embarrassing his friends, but that’s another story.  There always seems to be one of those at concerts, right?  I digress.

When Keith came out to start his set, the signs went up everywhere.  The husband in that young couple behind us held up a sign that said “Take my wife on stage, Cancer Survivor.”  Keith was shining the spotlight out into the audience to see the fans, saw the first part of the sign and called the young woman up on stage.  He always pulls someone up during shows, because he’s that kind of guy.  When she got up on stage, she pointed out the rest of the sign, and he hugged her mightily.


©2013 Group G Enterprises, LLC

Keith asked her name, and she said she was Amy, a cancer survivor. And then she pulled off her wig and showed her bald head, to the cheers of everyone in that amphitheater.  It was a powerful moment.  To Mr. Urban’s credit, he turned to the mic as she walked offstage and said, “There you go.  That just set the tone for the rest of the night.  It’s about being present in the moment and grateful for what you have.”

The girl next to me who I had been chatting with earlier leaned over and said, “Now, wasn’t that worth coming to Colorado for?” and I said, “My name is Amy, too, and I also had cancer.”  This woman froze, and then teared up.  She said she, too, had cancer. The girl next to her chimed in that she had cancer as well.  Both of them double mastectomies, like me.  Both thriving, like me.  We hugged. 

And then we all turned back to the show and enjoyed the evening.  It just goes to show you that there are people all around you who have likely had a similar experience.  You just need to reach out and connect.  It makes getting to the other side of a traumatic illness all the sweeter when there are others who understand your journey.  And together you can celebrate the moment.









 *We highly recommend Keith Urban’s new release FUSE and catch him live if you can – he tears it UP!*