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If you or someone you love has faced a serious illness, has the question “What comes next?” come up?  What happens when you are done with treatments and surgeries and are ready to move on? How do we adjust? How do we make the necessary lifestyle changes? How do we know if what we are doing is the right thing?

I asked all of these questions when I came to the end of my own illness.  What happens now?  I found a lot of information on the internet, in bookstores, and on television about what would happen during my treatment, but was unable to find much on what happens afterward.  The genesis of this website is a result of that question.  Now what? How?  At, we’ll share with each other what helps us, what inspires us, what touches us, and in helping ourselves, we help each other. 

By no means are we experts (official disclaimer!) but we are all, in fact, humans with knowledge and experience to share.  We have all been through difficulties and challenges, so let us lift each other up and help others along the same roads.  Don’t you wish someone had told you about something that made your experience infinitely easier?  Or could have?  Let’s do that for each other.

We don’t presume to be reinventing the wheel here (disclaimer again). Some of our content may just be common sense, some might be shared by people we know, or perhaps we have seen something somewhere and feel it is worthy to pass on to you (we will give credit where it is due).

We hope that you will share your experiences with honesty and integrity, as we hopefully have all come through our journeys with a clarity of mind that we may not have had before, and a transformation of spirit that will forever after change who we are. Kindness and compassion go a long way towards healing and healthy living, so in that spirit, we hope you find something at that can make your situation a little bit easier.  Please feel free to go to our Share section and join in the conversation!


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Home Page

This is the landing page for all things MNU.  Here you will find our latest posts from our various sections.

Expressions – Blogs

This is our main blog page, where you will often see pieces from our guest experts and contributors along with posts from the MNU team.

For the Patient – Information for people who have recently been diagnosed, are in treatment, or are on their way out.

For the Caretaker – Helpful information for those who take care of others, or friends and loved ones of someone experiencing a life changing event.

Viewpoints – Perspectives from those who have been there, and other tips and tricks.

Enrich – Things that make life better

Random Musings – A short and sweet commentary on a topic of the day.

Things We Love – These are things we love that we want to share with you.

Health & Wellness – This is where you will find tips and tricks on taking care of yourself 

News & Info – The latest news and information on subjects important to our community.

Nourish – Healthy Recipes and “How To’s.”

Care – Exercise and wellness.

Share- Our community page where readers have a place to share their own stories

We hope you will participate in the conversation and share what has helped you with others.

Inspiration – We can all use a shot of inspiration! Quotes, stories, photos that lift you up.

Perspectives – Personal stories from our community members and contributors.

Market – 

Our store which features our beautiful gift boxes and individual items perfect for any occasion!

About – Who, What, Why

Who we are, why we created this website and about our foundation.


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