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About Our “Chief Inspiration Officer”


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Why did we create this community?

Let’s talk inspiration for a moment.  My beautiful mother, Kathryn, courageously battled metastasized breast cancer for seven years.  This website was inspired by the culmination of her journey: of what she needed and looked for and could not find, of what she thought was necessary and helpful to her and what she thought she could share with others.  This is our tribute to her, and her legacy to all of you.

My mother was the most amazing person I have ever known. I mean that sincerely.  She was brilliant, and hilarious, and fun.  She wanted to live fully, give much and love more.  She touched so many lives with her irresistible charm, her vitality, her contagious laugh and her effervescent spirit. Those who were lucky enough to know her will never forget her. 

What you will find here are things we talked about, and planned for, and wanted to share with others on the same or similar journeys.  Sadly, she lost her long, hard-fought battle, but her passion lives on here.

At MyNewUsual™.com, we will share with each other what helps us, what inspires us, what touches us; in helping ourselves, we help each other.  This is the best thing we could do to honor her remarkable life and her indomitable spirit.  She is our CIO – “Chief Inspiration Officer” – and we know her essence is driving us forward.




Kathryn surrounded by her husband Joe, daughter Amy and son-in-law Kevin in 2012. ©2014 Group G Enterprises, LLC