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Month: February 2014


Things We Love – Matcha!

        Are you looking for a magical elixir to cure what ails you? Look no further. Matcha green tea is for you.  The health benefits of this green wonder are endless, from fighting cancer to fighting aging.  I…

The Good Doctor

  Hello, friends. It is so important as you go through an illness to be completely confident in your medical team.  If you have any doubt whatsoever, you must examine why you feel that way, because YOU are responsible for…
Health + Wellness

Battle of the Oats

  We all know that oats are good for us.  High in fiber, they are one of the most perfect ways to start your day.  But what's the difference between regular oats and the steel cut variety?  How do you…
Health + Wellness

How-To: Cut a Mango

Who knew there was a right way to cut a mango? Our Food Editor, Christine, that's who!  If you love the sweet taste of mangos but aren't sure how to get it from the counter to the table, let Christine…

Music for Your Heart

      Maybe you are unattached or have a broken heart (so sorry!). Or maybe you are single and fine with it. You might be married, coupled or otherwise engaged. Whatever your situation, we've got the tunes to tug…

MNU Love List – 2.14

  So you've settled into the new year, but you still aren't feeling organized or motivated.  Here are our favorite websites and apps that make our world go 'round.  These are the things we are loving right now!    …
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