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Month: April 2014


Rapunzel by Amy F.

  Amy F. is back with her latest entry of her struggle with chronic illness.  Sometimes it's the little things you don't even think about that are truly challenging when you are dealing with illness.   Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down…

HOT TIP: Exercise = Brainpower

  A Harvard study of people ages 18 to 45 found that the more time adults spent exercising, the more brain tissue they had in zones involved in memory. Memory-related brain areas start shrinking at a rate of 1% to…

Sign This

  Need a little reminder about how strong you are? Or how strong you think someone else is? We've got it covered.            
Health + Wellness

Roasted Potatoes

  Potatoes get a bad rap.  They have more potassium than a banana, Vitamin C, fiber, and iron. Cholesterol, sodium and fat free, one medium potato has just over 100 carlories.  It's how they are prepared where things can go…