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Things We Love – Salsa



Oh Yesssss…..

You probably already know we are Texans here at MNU.  As such, it is our duty to share with you the best salsa in the land, in our very practiced and researched opinion.   

First, a word about the benefits of salsa.  Salsa is really, really good for you, and not just with chips (which actually aren’t so good, but hey, choose your battles).  Our nutritionist says salsa is pretty much a freebie, so use it to top veggies, eggs, beans and of course, chips!  We have a few versions for you that we make ourselves.  First is an easy and completely delicious Pico de Gallo, courtesy of our very own SuperHubs. Find the recipe here.



If you like a green tomatillo salsa, we recommend the version here from our cousin Doris. It is da BOMB.  


If you are going to buy it, our favorite which we ship in from Texas (or pack in bubble wrap in our suitcases and obsess over until we get it home safely) is from On The Border, a popular chain restaurant in the Southwest.  They pair their tangy, chunky salsa with huge, warm tortilla chips.  Throw in some queso and a margarita and you have a well-balanced meal!  Kidding.  For those of us on the veggie track though, this is a great addition to a million different things.  

It is also full of antioxidants – tomatoes with lycopene, onions with fat-fighting Quercertin, healthy favorites garlic and lime and oh yes, the spices.  Spice is a huge benefit, as chiles are thermogenic, which raise your metabolism and capsaicin helps to burn calories.  There are no preservatives or MSG, only 2 carbs per serving, and fat free.  If you are down south, try some if you get a chance, or order off Amazon. They also sometimes carry it in grocery stores and wholesale clubs, so check your local favorites.

Not only is it an easy way to get some great nutrients in your body, it will knock your socks off!