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The Cancer Experience Registry


Hello, friends. This month we are highlighting the efforts of our friends at the The Cancer Support Community (a partnership from the former Wellness Community and Gilda’s Club). CSC is an international non-profit dedicated to providing support, education and hope to people affected by cancer.


June is the birthday month of our “Chief Inspiration Officer,” the late Kathryn Gardner, so every week we will be talking about these organizations that have many wonderful programs to assist anyone going through the trauma of cancer.  Today’s topic: The Cancer Experience Registry.



The Cancer Experience Registry is a community much like ours where members share information about their experience, both emotional and physical, both patient and family.  This is a critical task as a comprehensive care plan should include not only the physical elements but the emotional ones as well, from diagnosis to survivorship.  The information collected here will not only drive treatment but also create programming to help at every stage.

Participants are anyone who has experienced cancer, whether a current patient or a survivor. Your input could help transform the lives of those who follow you.  Wouldn’t that be a legacy to leave behind for those you love?

We encourage you to join now, if this is you. Please note that all personal information is protected.  Just know that the smallest things than help in the biggest ways. 

Learn more about the Cancer Experience Registry here.