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Month: February 2015

Health + Wellness

CC’s Spicy Brownies

Our friend CC brought over her spicy brownies for a football-watching party, and all I could do was watch those babies go into people's mouths! She shares her recipe with us today - thanks CC! Now bring some more over! …

Kickin’ It Old Skool by Amy F

Here's this month's post by our Featured Contributor, Amy F. It's rock and roll!   It started out as a Facebook post by a friend – “I am officially an Adult Contemporary listener.” That then expanded into how scary it…
Health + Wellness

Southwestern Salad

This salad is super easy to make, inexpensive and totally healthy. Triple Crown winner! It's also a big hit with dinner guests, so try it the next time you have people over. It's hearty enough to be an entire meal, or…
Health + Wellness

Cacao Crazy

  HOT TIP: Hey all you chocolate lovers! Here's one that is actually good for you.      Cacao is the raw natural source of chocolate. It also happens to be high in antioxidants and flavonols (they protect your body…