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Month: August 2015


Jamie’s Gems – #ChooseKindness

Today in Jamie's Gems:   Kindness = the one bank account we can spend recklessly and never overdraw, it has the power to yield HUGE returns ~ such a bargain since it costs us nothing. ‪#‎ChooseKindness ‪#‎Love ‪#‎PayItForward   Follow…

Things to Give an Ill Loved One

We all wonder what to send to people when they are ill.  Flowers, while beautiful, are unfortunately temporary.  I had wonderful friends who sent me lovely flowers. It made me feel special, and it was worth every petal.  One that…

Jamie’s Hearts – I Love Hearts

 I love hearts because they are just ALL love, ain't nothin' negative about them ~ Coming across a heart shape when i least expect it, just makes me smile xx Follow the series “Jamie’s Gem’s” every Monday on Check us…
Health + Wellness

Heirloom Tomato Salad

A light summer salad that always delivers!  Sliced heirloom tomatoes topped with a light drizzle of olive and balsamic.  Tomatoes and basil are good cancer fighters, chock full of antioxidants!     3 large heirloom tomatoes 1 teaspoon olive oil…

HOT TIP: Keep it Social

  Did you know that walking with a friend is good for you?   Not just the physical aspects, like lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, but lifting depression, increasing motivation and it keeps you accountable. I know this works for…


I am very blessed to have an amazing group of brilliant and beautiful friends.  I am also lucky that these superwomen have generously donated their smarts and time to   One of these terrific braniacs is my friend and…

HOT TIP: Add Years to Your Life

  Here's a real news flash (cue sarcasm)...   You can add years to your life by exercising vigorously (like running or tennis) rather than moderate exercise. You could cut your risk of early death by 13% just by getting…

Jamie’s Gems – Your Legacy

A little gem from our Jamie...     Wherever you go, leave a heart print ~ Let love and how big you loved be your legacy.   Follow the series “Jamie’s Gem’s” every Monday on Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, You Tube and Instagram.
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