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How to Have it All (and Other Nonsense)


Hello, dear friends. It’s been awhile, but here we are, back in the saddle.  You know how women try to do everything? For everyone? Well, I made a conscious decision to stop doing that and drop some of those balls I had been juggling. A lot of change came my way at once, and I realized that I couldn’t keep up with all of the demands of my life. Do you ever feel that you are doing everything half-assed and nothing at all well?

I recognized that in myself, so for the past few months, I have taken a step back and focused on only one objective. That meant that I had to step away from all of you, and our team, which was really hard. Nearly impossible, to be honest. But the idea of having it all means that at some point, something isn’t getting your attention the way it should. Things are cyclical, priorities change, new issues crop up. That’s why it’s kind of nonsense to think you are able to manage everything that happens in your life well, at the same time.  Who’s with me??

We just went through a big move to a new home and started a remodel. I finally had to tackle cleaning out my mother’s house. I finished up a contract with a demanding high-pressure client, my husband was transferred, we got a new puppy, and my uncle moved in with us. Any one of those things is a big change, but all at once is pretty overwhelming. So I had to figure out what I could manage.



I see this as a bonus in multiple ways. I finally stopped putting everyone else in front of myself. I took a minute to assess what needed to be done first, and I have spent the last three months cleaning out the house that held my mother’s belongings. It’s been emotional, as you can imagine. Heartwarming, heartwrenching, exhausting and enlightening. Some days it has brought me to my knees, but I know she would want me to keep going. It was a lot of stuff. We should talk about how we all accumulate so much stuff. But that’s a post for another day.

In any case, we’re back, we’re still creating amazing things around here, and we are so glad you stuck around. Let us know what you are looking for, and how we can help. We appreciate you, we thank you and we look forward to more magic here at MNU.

With love,