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HOT TIP: Pass the Pistachios


Pistachios are addicting, right? And they are healthy snacks. Here is why are they so good for you.




One oz. (49 “kernels”) has 6 g protein, 24 percent of your daily dose of B6 and 6 percent of your daily iron – a good deal for 160 calories. Pistachios do have fat, but it’s the polyunsaturated, heart-healthy kind.

How do they compare to other nuts?

Ounce for ounce, they’re lower in calories than most (except almonds and cashews), so you get more: 49 pistachios versus 14 walnuts for 190 calories.

Ideal for:

Between meal snacking. Pistachios’ protein-fat combo will  hold you over. shelling them as you eat gives your stomach time to send the “i’m Full” message to your brain so you’re less likely to much mindlessly and overeat.

Best ways to store:

Pistachios last up to a year frozen, up to six months refrigerated, and up to three months at room temp.

Seeing empty shells helps you keep track of how many you eat.







SOURCE: Better Homes and Gardens