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HIIT That Belly Fat, Baby!

You know how it goes as we get older. That muffin top is an actual thing, and how the hell did that happen, anyway? You might still be working out and eating well, but your body is changing and so you have to mix it up to make it work differently.




According to a new study, adding HIIT (high-intensity interval training) to your training routine might blast that fat faster. Healthy adults who did two HIIT sessions per week along with two strength workouts and two steady-state cardio workouts lost more visceral fat (that belly blubber) and body fat than those who did the same routine without HIIT. Study author Christoforos Giannaki, PhD, says “HIIT not only increases fat oxidation during exercise, it also raises post-exercise energy expenditure and fat utilization, compared with lower-intensity continuous training.

So get yourself to your nearest HIIT class, or circuit training class (same thing), and watch that belly melt away. Hello gorgeous!