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Things We Love – Holiday Help List


Here’s a few things we love, that would make great stocking stuffers or little thoughtful gifts. Because it’s the thought that counts, right? 

Holiday shopping is seemingly endless and you know, you start to run out of ideas. Here are a few lovely little gifts for the ladies in your life. These work for all ages, from mom to your teenager, or your best friend. All of these are available at Target.

Sonia Kashuk Make Up Bags: A professional make-up artist to starts like Cindy Crawford, Sonia Kashuk has a whole line of great products that you can buy at Target. From make-up brushes to facial products to eyeliner, she’s got it covered. I have bought her products for a long time, so I am always checking out what’s new when I make the pilgrimage to the almighty Target. I have bought everything from eye shadow to weekender bags. We ladies use our makeup bags often, if not every day. After about a year of use, we can all use a replacement. This is one of those things I normally would not buy for myself, because “my makeup bag is fine.” Except it’s not. It’s worn out and marked up and ready to be upgraded. Do yourself or your ladies a favor and buy them a version of this bag. From $10.99 to $29.99

Essie Holiday Collections: I love Essie nail polish, and my current obsession is their Gel polish, which seems to last longer as most gel nail polishes do. These are fun gift collections, a way to dress things up and make them more festive for those holiday parties and celebrations. $12.99

Alba Botanica Fast Fix Sheet Mask: I buy these in every flavor! They are soothing, easy to use and no mess. I apply one to my face, step into the bath, and close my eyes for a restful experience. These contoured facial sheets leave your skin feeling soft, silky and refreshed because they deliver concentrated doses of botanical ingredients. They are cheap enough to use often, so I buy a bunch at a time and use whichever flavor I think my skin needs that day. Also a bonus: No Animal Testing, Artificial Colors, Synthetic Fragrances, Parabens, Phthalates or Harsh Sulfates. Do your skin a favor and stock up on these beauties. $3.49


Grab these little gems now. They are sure to be someone’s favorite things!