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Random Musings: Do you ever see things that make you go hmmmm? How about things that inspire you? We do, too, and this is where we will share short and sweet commentaries on a variety of topics of the day. We’d love to hear your Random Musings, so let us know if there is something you think others might find interesting and we’ll check it out!

Random Musings -The Meaning of Today

    Today is the two-year anniversary of the loss of my precious mother.  While I generally do not like to focus on this day, and instead celebrate her birthday, today is important in the real sense that I reflect on how it did not have to be this way. It is incredibly important that your View Post >

Random Musings – Beller Nutritional Institute

    RACHEL BELLER, MS, RD   I was lucky during my illness to have access to what I called my “A” Team of doctors and advisors.  It is so important in that process to have people that you can count on, and trust with your health and wellness.  My mother, who was a big View Post >

Random Musings: The Beauty of Pets

          I Love My Dog   I do love my dog, thank you Cat Stevens for that little ditty (see link above).  If you aren’t an animal person, then this isn’t for you.  But if you are, and I hope you are, then maybe you already understand the many benefits of having View Post >

Random Musings: Indoor Garden

  KEEP ON GROWING (Derek & the Dominos)      We are LOVING these indoor garden ideas.  If you are an apartment dweller, live in a colder climate or don’t have any space outside for an herb garden, here are some terrific ideas for having your own little oasis inside your home.  Fresh herbs make View Post >

Random Musings – The Birthday Project

    How many times has your birthday rolled around and you didn’t know exactly what you wanted to do for it?  Maybe you aren’t a big birthday person, it’s just another day or not a big deal.  Maybe you are like my mom, who would start celebrating the month before and not stop until View Post >

Random Musings -You Never Know

    You Never Know…      Recently, we were at a Keith Urban concert in Colorado.  There was a young couple behind us that seemed to be enjoying the show, as were the people beside us.  Of course, there was one big obnoxious drunk guy that was stepping on me and embarrassing his friends, View Post >

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