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Things We Love: You might welcome ideas on products and services that make your life easier when you are going through a challenging time, or maybe you just need something fun to stir things up. We have that and more here in the “Things We Love” section. We have a regular “Love List” feature, music playlists to suit any situation, trends, classics and things we just plain cannot live without here. So stay tuned, check them out and let us know if you love them, too!

Music for Your Heart

      Maybe you are unattached or have a broken heart (so sorry!). Or maybe you are single and fine with it. You might be married, coupled or otherwise engaged. Whatever your situation, we’ve got the tunes to tug at those heart strings.  This month, we are excited to have guest contributor Fount Lynch View Post >

MNU Love List – 2.14

  So you’ve settled into the new year, but you still aren’t feeling organized or motivated.  Here are our favorite websites and apps that make our world go ’round.  These are the things we are loving right now!     Mint.com – Not only is this free, this web-based personal financial management service does all View Post >

Things We Love – How to Save Your Relationship.

    Hello, friends.  Is your sleeping partner on a different temperature planet than you? We have something that could actually save your relationship.  You think we’re kidding? Nope. Straight up.     The SLEEP NUMBER® DualTemp™ layer is a magical temperature balancing layer which can be added to any type of bed. It might View Post >

Things We Love – One for the Ladies

    Hello, friends!  We wanted to share a new product that we love, and sorry gents, this is one just for the ladies.  For those of you with C cups or larger, this is a game changer. Now you really can jump for joy!   For those of you out there who are having View Post >

MNU’s Love List – December

      Hello, friends!  There is a lot to love about the holiday season: time with family and friends, festivities and lots of cheer, giving and receiving, and let’s not forget all of the food (cookies! You get a pass on this just this one time of year :-)). Here are a few of View Post >

MNU’s Love List – November 2013

  Love Is All Around   What are the things we are loving right now?  Here is the list for November 2013 below.  Let us know what is rocking your world!   DRYBAR – Okay, we heard all of the hype, and we needed to check it out ourselves.  Any place that hands out a mimosa View Post >

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