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Things We Love: You might welcome ideas on products and services that make your life easier when you are going through a challenging time, or maybe you just need something fun to stir things up. We have that and more here in the “Things We Love” section. We have a regular “Love List” feature, music playlists to suit any situation, trends, classics and things we just plain cannot live without here. So stay tuned, check them out and let us know if you love them, too!

Things We Love: For Hot Flashes

        I love these products.  They have helped alleviate the misery of the hot flashes that I get from my medication.  If you are going to have to deal with this condition for some time, you have to find ways to live with it.         Brookstone Bed Fan This fan View Post >

Things We Love – MNU’s Love List

      THINGS WE ARE LOVING RIGHT NOW    From time to time, we’ll share with you all of the great things that are interesting to us right now.  We hope you will find something that makes your life easier or makes you feel better!       HAIM The first thing we are View Post >

Things We Love – The Daily Lean

      I am all for learning something new every day.  Whether it is a positive affirmation, a new recipe or just a different approach to how you are thinking about a particular issue, I look forward to my Daily Lean email every morning.  The Daily Lean is a newsletter that covers mind, body View Post >

Things We Love – Waterfi

  ROCK ME ON THE WATER    Do you have joint and muscle aches and pains? I do, as a result of the medication I have to take every day.  In an effort to find workouts that wouldn’t hurt my already stressed bones, I started swimming four to five days a week.  It has helped View Post >

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