Easing the transition to an extraordinary life

For the Caregiver: No one teaches you how to do this. It’s often a thankless, arduous job that affects you emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually. The most you can do is your best, and sometimes, even that is hard. We’ve been there, too, and we can help make your job easier. Listen to these voices of experience and maybe you will discover something that applies to your own situation. Let other people help you with your load. It’s okay to ask, we promise! Finally, remember that to take care of others, you must also take care of yourself.

Medical Bill Morass

In going through my own illness, I discovered many ways to get additional help for what seems like the endless onslaught of medical bills that kept rocketing into my mailbox.  Whether it’s financial or emotional support, any little bit helps.  We’ll share some tips here, and would love to hear what you have discovered on View Post >

Caregiver Spotlight

We ran across this article from AARP and felt it prudent to pass along to all of you angel caregivers out there. Meet the bipartisan lawmakers who are working together to champion the need of unpaid family caregivers,  by AARP’s CEO, Jo Ann Jenkins.   It’s Time to Champion Unpaid Family Caregivers They are the View Post >

Caregiving Through Mindfulness

  If you take care of a loved one, you know how tough it can be and how it is easy to neglect your own needs. It’s also hard to remember that the person you are caring for is still, in fact, the person they always were, even if they have changed due to their View Post >

Help for the Caregiver

If you are new to caregiving, you likely have no idea where to start or the resources that are available to you. Here’s a handy guide from Harvard Medical School’s HealthBeat to guide you in the right direction.   Being a caregiver for an ailing parent, spouse, child, or other loved one can feel like View Post >

News + Info: CARE Act

   Learn how AARP is working to help Caregivers with new legislation: the CARE Act. Oklahoma is the first state to enact the CARE Act, legislation which “requires hospitals to notify the family caregiver if a loved one is to be discharged to another facility or back home; and to prepare the caregiver to carry out View Post >

A Story to Share: For the Caregiver

    We saw this story by author and journalist Sally Quinn that was published recently in the Washington Post. She’s been there, so she knows of what she speaks.  Some of you do, too. Read on.   Love overcomes life’s inevitable sorrow By Sally Quinn, Published: May 9 My 25th reunion at Smith College was the View Post >

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