Easing the transition to an extraordinary life

For the Patient: How did you get here? Every patient wonders that from time to time. Regardless of your situation, it is hard to be diminished, hard to ask for help and hard to not feel yourself. In this section, we’ll share approaches and ideas that might make things easier, and learn from other people’s experiences. We understand the deep desire to “feel normal” again, and we hope to get you back on your way to the new you. Try to take it one day at a time and don’t be too hard on yourself.

Taking Charge: What to Take with You

  Picture this: you are on your way to the doctor or to surgery or to a treatment, and you can’t remember where your pants are, let alone what to take with you.  Here’s a handy list to keep so that all you need to remember is how to breathe (reminder – deeply).      FOR View Post >

Cancer 101

  You have just been diagnosed with cancer and your doctor has told you that you need chemotherapy or radiation or a combination of both.  What does that mean? What will happen? How will you get through it?  We hope that we can help shed some light on the answers to some of these questions View Post >

What Can You Do?

  What do you say when a friend or loved one receives a potentially devastating diagnosis?  You probably have no idea, right? It is a common human reaction, this feeling of not knowing what to say.  You don’t want to offend, but you want to let the person know that you care.  Honestly, everyone has View Post >

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