Easing the transition to an extraordinary life

Welcome to our Blog section. We will be posting here regularly and also sharing opinions and experiences from our talented and experienced contributors. We hope you find something here that is similar to what you are going through or coming out of that helps you along your journey to “an extraordinary life.” And maybe you’ll want to Share your own story with the rest of our community.

Bag O’Fun

Let’s talk about chemo.  Chemo is not fun.  The night before chemo day was the hardest for me, and actually getting the chemo was no picnic, either.  You are there for hours, sometimes the whole day if the clinic is backed up or your labs were late getting processed or if there wasn’t a chair View Post >

How to Break Up with Your Doctor

    Are you feeling like something is amiss with your doctor? For someone who is experiencing a traumatic illness, having a doctor that you are confident in is paramount.  Sometimes we end up with someone that we feel, deep down, is not the right doctor for us.  I recently went through this myself.  I View Post >

For the Caregiver: Survival Tactics for Stroke Patients

  Friends: Today’s post is by one of our talented guest contributors, Colleen Quill.   Imagine you were about to leave for a family vacation, the first in ten years. You were excited to go swim with dolphins and have everyone together. You couldn’t wait to get on the plane, so you got up to View Post >

The Big “C”

  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month    It’s not what you’re thinking.  This is about the word “Can.” The first part of that word that changes everything. Maybe you have just heard from your doctor that you have cancer.  Or someone you love has found out the same thing.  It is a shock.  It View Post >

How Do You Mend a Broken Heart? Dealing with Grief

     I know I will never be the same after losing my mother.  Every thing that happens in my life still makes me yearn for her, to tell her about my day or ask her opinion, to see her smile, to hug her, to smell her perfume.  Most of all, I miss her voice, View Post >

Taking Charge: What to Take with You

  Picture this: you are on your way to the doctor or to surgery or to a treatment, and you can’t remember where your pants are, let alone what to take with you.  Here’s a handy list to keep so that all you need to remember is how to breathe (reminder – deeply).      FOR View Post >

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