Easing the transition to an extraordinary life

Viewpoints: If you only knew then what you know now, right? Here’s the place to find out all the things that might make the journey a little bit easier, from the voices of experience. Whether it is one of our experts, one of our contributors or one of you, everyone has something they can share that might make it easier for the next person, and that next person could be you!

Don’t Call Me a Cancer Survivor

    Friends – We came across this article from Reader’s Digest and thought it gave an interesting perspective. Everyone has their own journey through illness…what’s yours?       Whatever You Do, Don’t Call Me a Cancer Survivor. Here’s Why. A chaplain who survived cancer makes her case for dropping the “s” (as in View Post >

Denial is Overrated – Living with Diabetes

  Hello friends. We want to share with you a powerful story of living with diabetes from a dear friend of MNU. Originally posted here and written by Michelle Boise, the subject graciously allowed us to give our community her deeply personal insight into this chronic disease with her courageous story. Thanks Jen!    Jennifer Stilson Fleece View Post >

Of Loss and Love (For Michelle)

  Grief is a funny thing. It ebbs and flows. It changes you.     We just lost one of our tight circle of college kids, the first of our group to leave us. We have been friends longer than we have not.  She was a generous spirit, joyful, big-hearted, giving, a loving mother, a graceful beauty View Post >

Thank You for Being a Friend by Amy F.

  Thank You For Being A Friend by Amy F.  So much of what is typically written relates to the patient and what they are going through versus those around them. As a patient, I can relate because what you’re dealing with physically and mentally can become all-consuming. Very often to the extent that everything and View Post >

Transitioning: BK to UK

Hello friends. We all go through changes in life that force us to create our “New Usuals.” Today please meet Coco, who will take us through her adventures to a different kind of New Usual, moving to a new country.   The Decision & Prep Let’s take a cue from The Sound of Music and start from View Post >

Things to Give an Ill Loved One

We all wonder what to send to people when they are ill.  Flowers, while beautiful, are unfortunately temporary.  I had wonderful friends who sent me lovely flowers. It made me feel special, and it was worth every petal.  One that stands out to me in that crazy time was the Bonzai tree my friend Maria View Post >

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