Easing the transition to an extraordinary life

Care: You know you are supposed to take care of yourself, and yet sometimes it gets hard to remember all of the things you are supposed to be doing, or maybe it’s all new to you and you need a little help. This section will give you a leg up on exercise, what to eat, why certain things are good for you (see “HOT TIPS”) and how to get started on the path to wellness. It can be overwhelming, and sometimes it takes awhile to get used to, so keep checking back here for some guidance and helpful information.

Random Musings: My Morning Tea and Smoothie

I know, seems so random, right?  But that little bowl of green Matcha tea with a healthy helping of lemon kicks my system into gear.  I don’t drink a lot because I don’t need much caffeine, but it warms my insides, feels cozy and starts me off with tons of good antioxidants, catechins for fighting View Post >

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