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Care: You know you are supposed to take care of yourself, and yet sometimes it gets hard to remember all of the things you are supposed to be doing, or maybe it’s all new to you and you need a little help. This section will give you a leg up on exercise, what to eat, why certain things are good for you (see “HOT TIPS”) and how to get started on the path to wellness. It can be overwhelming, and sometimes it takes awhile to get used to, so keep checking back here for some guidance and helpful information.

Sleep, Precious Sleep

    When you are undergoing treatment or recovering from a prolonged illness, quality sleep is of paramount importance.  When we sleep, our body rejuvenates its systems by regenerating its cells through the production of the anti-aging human growth hormone, known as HGH.  During waking hours, this is harder for our bodies to accomplish. When View Post >

Essential Oils: Laundry!

Friends – Today we introduce you to our newest contributor, Amy White (by the way, we promise we just coincidentally have a lot of writers named Amy around here – it’s not a requirement!  ). Amy is going to share with us all of the benefits of essential oils and even give you an opportunity to try some View Post >

HOT TIP: Keep it Social

  Did you know that walking with a friend is good for you?   Not just the physical aspects, like lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, but lifting depression, increasing motivation and it keeps you accountable. I know this works for me, and I get to catch up with a dear friend at the same time. View Post >

HOT TIP: Add Years to Your Life

  Here’s a real news flash (cue sarcasm)…   You can add years to your life by exercising vigorously (like running or tennis) rather than moderate exercise. You could cut your risk of early death by 13% just by getting out there and moving it. Any exercise is better than none at all, but taking View Post >

HOT TIP: Keep on Track

This may be your thing to keep on track.     Only weigh yourself once a week to keep losing or to maintain weight loss, according to a recent study by Plos One. That seems doable, right? Not obsessing but also keeping it real. You can do it.  

Our Fave Dermatologist in ELLE!

Our favorite skin doc is featured in the most recent issue of Elle Magazine as a skincare genius (newsflash: we knew that already, okay?!). Check out Dr. Annie Chiu in ELLE on her favorite products, quick fixes and how to get a glow here.   Dr. Annie Chiu, Board-Certified Cosmetic and General Dermatologist, is the founder View Post >

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