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Care: You know you are supposed to take care of yourself, and yet sometimes it gets hard to remember all of the things you are supposed to be doing, or maybe it’s all new to you and you need a little help. This section will give you a leg up on exercise, what to eat, why certain things are good for you (see “HOT TIPS”) and how to get started on the path to wellness. It can be overwhelming, and sometimes it takes awhile to get used to, so keep checking back here for some guidance and helpful information.

HOT TIP: Get Strong!

Today’s HOT TIP is for all of you strong people out there.   According to a new study from Georgia Tech, just one 20-minute bout of resistance training can enhance your memory by 10%. So if you can’t find your car keys, pick up some weights! Stress hormones released during these exercises may stimulate the View Post >

HOT TIP: Get Outta That Funk

Here’s an easy way to cheer up: get moving!   HOT TIP: Working out isn’t just good for your body, it’s good for your brain, too. Bet you knew that already. But did you know that you can reduce your risk of becoming depressed by 16% if you just grab a little exercise three times View Post >

HOT TIP: Low Fat Makes You Fat?

HOT TIP: Did you know that the increase in the number of obese adults between the 1960’s and today is 260%?!?!?   Studies show that it isn’t because of eating fatty foods, but from the additives that manufacturers put in “low fat” food. Wow. Stew on that a minute.  

Healthy Aging Tips Every Man Should Know

Following a healthy lifestyle is important for all of us, and the general advice for healthy living applies to men and women equally. As we age, however, gender may play a larger role in the health issues we experience, and how we address them. If you are a man, consider this information or pass it View Post >

Top 10 Sources of Calories in the U.S. Diet

So you think you are doing okay, rolling along, eating pretty well but not perfect. We’re human, right? You might be surprised at what foods are the most caloric. Take a look, maybe make an adjustment, just start thinking more about food being medicine. Taking care of yourself is very important to the people that love you!  View Post >

The Hidden Costs of Chemo

  Hello friends. Today I’d like to share an article that I wrote which was recently published on Healthline.com about the hidden costs of chemotherapy. If you have just found out that you need treatment, we hope that we can help you navigate through the unexpected costs and give you some resources to ease the View Post >

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