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The “Dirty Dozen™” & “The Clean 15™”

    Have you ever wondered which fruits and vegetables contain the most pesticides? Probably not. But maybe you will now.   The Environmental Working Group is an environmental health research and advocacy organization.  They annually release their list of the “Dirty Dozen,” which are fruits and vegetables exposed to the highest amounts of pesticides View Post >

Stress and Kids

  We ran across an interesting study from the University of Helsinki in Finland regarding the effects of everyday exercise on stress levels in kids (via Parents Magazine).   Tracking children’s activity, scientists measured the amount of stress hormone cortisol in their saliva after performing high-pressure tasks, like telling a story in front of other kids or View Post >

The 8 Foods You Should Eat Daily: Prevention Magazine


I love this list from Prevention, and not just because the first thing on it is my favorite food ever.  I love it because it is really easy to incorporate these foods into your daily meals.  Take a look and see if there is just one thing on the list that appeals to you, and View Post >

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