Easing the transition to an extraordinary life

Taking care of ourselves is so important, especially to the people that care about us. Here in the Health+Wellness section of MyNewUsual, we will share News and Information on health topics, and we’ll also share how to Nourish and Care for our bodies as we transition into our new selves. Remember, one step at a time, and here is a little leg up to help you get there!

The 8 Foods You Should Eat Daily: Prevention Magazine


I love this list from Prevention, and not just because the first thing on it is my favorite food ever.  I love it because it is really easy to incorporate these foods into your daily meals.  Take a look and see if there is just one thing on the list that appeals to you, and View Post >

Local Organic Produce Delivery


You would be surprised at the amount of local farmers nearby that might deliver produce directly to your door.  I know for myself, organic produce has now become a necessity, not a luxury. In my busy world, the time it takes to go to three different markets to get what I need, is not something View Post >

Basil and Tomato Sauce

  Here’s a simple sauce that packs a lot of punch, both with antioxidants in the tomatoes, garlic and onions, but also with the flavor!     1 cup fresh cherry or grape tomatoes 1 tablespoon olive oil 2 cloves garlic 1 small onion ½ teaspoon hot red pepper Sea salt and fresh ground black View Post >

Pear Fake-a-tini

Wish you could join the party?   When I was having chemo and couldn’t do much, I spent a lot of time on the couch.  Inspired by our “Thin Man” movie box set, SuperHubs invented this “Martini” to help get me through the no-alcohol rule without feeling like I was missing out.    We spent many nights View Post >

Random Musings: My Morning Tea and Smoothie

I know, seems so random, right?  But that little bowl of green Matcha tea with a healthy helping of lemon kicks my system into gear.  I don’t drink a lot because I don’t need much caffeine, but it warms my insides, feels cozy and starts me off with tons of good antioxidants, catechins for fighting View Post >

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