Easing the transition to an extraordinary life

Taking care of ourselves is so important, especially to the people that care about us. Here in the Health+Wellness section of MyNewUsual, we will share News and Information on health topics, and we’ll also share how to Nourish and Care for our bodies as we transition into our new selves. Remember, one step at a time, and here is a little leg up to help you get there!

Essential Oils: Laundry!

Friends – Today we introduce you to our newest contributor, Amy White (by the way, we promise we just coincidentally have a lot of writers named Amy around here – it’s not a requirement!  ). Amy is going to share with us all of the benefits of essential oils and even give you an opportunity to try some View Post >

Hamburger Soup

If y’all are into hearty, we’ve got the soup you need. SuperHubs whipped this together one day and it was soooo good! And for those of you who don’t eat meat, this still works as a veggie soup and is simply delish! Give it a try and let us know what you think.     View Post >

3 Numbers Every Woman Needs to Know

  Here’s a few digits that might just open your eyes a little wider. These numbers might make a difference. Take a look.     1 Number of Alcoholic drinks you can have daily before your breast cancer risk rises significantly. And we do mean daily: You can’t save it up for Saturday night. 61 View Post >

Green Beans with Crunchy Asian Pear

Follow our Food Editor on a summer adventure with a delicious ending.   Late summer, I head out of the city and up north to the hills to house sit in a tiny town in the Berkshires. We have friends in the area and in exchange for feeding a kitty and keeping an eye on the View Post >

HOT TIP: His Memory IS That Bad

HOT TIP: A man’s memory fades faster than a woman’s in a new study by JAMA Neurology. Everyone’s memory skills and brain volume begin to deteriorate after age 30, but after 40, men’s worsens faster. This is attributed to normal aging. So ladies, cut those men some slack.

Healthy Lettuce Wraps

It’s not easy to find healthy things to eat in a hurry. When you get home from work, you’re beat, and you just want whatever’s easiest. This is a filling yet light dish that’s simple and quick so you can make it in advance and then throw it together when you need it. Just the View Post >

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