Easing the transition to an extraordinary life

Sharing our experiences is the key to growth and healing. We hope that you will share moments, milestones, information and advice that helped you through your own situation, be it as the patient, caregiver, family or friend. We encourage you to be honest and brave, as it is in sharing these difficulties that we help others. So welcome to the MyNewUsual Community, and thank you for your participation!

Jamie’s Gems – Power of Love & Kindness, Pt. 1

“The Power of Love and Kindness ~ It Makes Us Feel Alive” Part One   The true power of love and kindness is simply amazing ~ it’s such a day changer, it’s such a game changer.  I myself am SO incredibly grateful for all of the many bright spots in my life, both big and small, View Post >

Thought of the Day – “Tears…”

  Are you afraid to show your tears? Think you need to be strong for others, keep up a brave face? Maybe not…      

Jamie’s Gems – Sisters

   We all hopefully have someone who has our back – sisters, brothers, cousins, friends. See Jamie’s Gems today for hers.     Thankful for my sister ~ Sisters are truly nature’s miraculous way of making sure we always have a friend….. Who are you grateful for today?      

Surrogacy: A Love Story, Part Four

  Hello, friends. Here’s the fourth part of our new series by writer Kelly Weiss Rogondino, who is generously sharing her personal journey with us. Read on for a powerful and candid look at the effects of cancer and the challenges and rewards of surrogacy.      My eggs were retrieved on April 15, 2009.  Before I went View Post >

Jamie’s Gems – Showers of Love

  Showers of love for anyone who might need some today….There can never be too much love.  Let love “reign”….        

Thought of the Day – “Any Moment…”

    Today’s Thought of the Day: You always have a choice. You and only you can decide how you live your life.               

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