Easing the transition to an extraordinary life

Perspectives: It is often the case that through sharing our own experiences, we can help others going down the same road. This is where YOUR story could mean something to someone else, so please feel free to share your journey, what helped you, what didn’t, where you are now. Whether in the comments, on our social media channels or by emailing us your story, we want to know how you got through it and what made it easier. If you knew then what you know now, what would you have changed? Share your story and help someone else have an easier time.

Kickin’ It Old Skool by Amy F

Here’s this month’s post by our Featured Contributor, Amy F. It’s rock and roll!   It started out as a Facebook post by a friend – “I am officially an Adult Contemporary listener.” That then expanded into how scary it is that songs we grew up listening to are now considered Classic Rock and even View Post >

Walking on Water- Love is Patient and Kind

We are proud to share today’s entry from our beautiful Youth Editor, Emily in her ongoing series, Walking on Water – Living with Hydrocephalus.   With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I thought I would write about something I never thought about before- dating someone and having to tell them about my hydrocephalus. I recently began View Post >

Amy F. – No Pain, No Gain

No pain, no gain. How many of you have heard that phrase as it relates to your workout? Gotta push those muscles to burn the fat. Work through the pain and you’ll see the results. If it doesn’t hurt, you’re not doing it right. Well, what if we flip that phrase a bit on its View Post >

Perseverance by Amy F.

   Today’s new post from Amy F, our Featured Contributor…     per·se·ver·ance – continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition Hello followers and sorry that I have been MIA for a while.  I have been going through a pretty rough patch and words of inspiration and/or motivation have not been View Post >

Names in Stone – Living with Hydrocephalus

Hello friends.  Here’s the latest entry from our newest contributor (and youngest!), Emily.  She is bravely sharing a lifelong struggle with all of you in the hopes of creating awareness and understanding of this serious issue. Let’s all be supportive of this amazing young woman.               At the university I currently attend, one of the traditions View Post >

Surrogacy: A Love Story, Part Five

  Hello, friends. Here’s the fifth part of our series by writer Kelly Weiss Rogondino, who is generously sharing her personal journey with us. Read on for a powerful and candid look at the effects of cancer and the challenges and rewards of surrogacy.    I haven’t yet mentioned how I fared emotionally during the pregnancy.  As a View Post >

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