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MNU’s Love List – December





Hello, friends!  There is a lot to love about the holiday season: time with family and friends, festivities and lots of cheer, giving and receiving, and let’s not forget all of the food (cookies! You get a pass on this just this one time of year :-)). Here are a few of our favorite things that we are loving this month…







HOLIDAY MUSIC – Two of our favorite powerhouses, Mary J. Blige and Kelly Clarkson, have released holiday records to soothe even the most savage shopping beast.  Highlights include a lovely version of “Silent Night” from Ms. Clarkson with guests Trisha Yearwood and Reba McIntyre, while Mary J’s version of the same includes Latin crooner Marc Anthony.  Check them both out on iTunes >






THE SKIMM – We love the sass and class of this daily newsletter that breaks down the previous day’s news into one palatable page. Sign up for the email blast and you will be armed with updates on current events sure to make you shine at those awesome office holiday parties.  The boss may even give you a raise.  Check it out here >







HeartAlready thinking ahead about those extra pounds that you know are coming from Aunt Marge’s famous pie?  Then get the WITHINGS SMART BODY ANALYZER. This revolutionary scale can track your weight and body composition, your heart rate and even carbon dioxide and temperature monitoring. In conjunction with an IOS or Android app, you can track your progress with easy to read graphs, set weekly targets and receive helpful tips.  Oh yes, it does keep you accountable, because once you step on that scale, the data is in, so no cheating!  Buy it here > 







Tired of sending fruit baskets?  Try this longtime favorite of our family, RIBS AND SAUCE from the MONTGOMERY INN in Montgomery, Ohio (near Cincinnati) as an alternative.  Monty Inn sauce is THE BEST, sweet, tangy, spicy and the perfect complement to ribs. You can ship ribs, chicken, pulled pork, BBQ chips and sauce nationwide.  They also feature a link to ” Cincy Favorites” like Grater’s Ice Cream and Skyline Chili. Check out the market here > and send a gift that won’t be forgotten!




HeartLooking for something simply smashing to wear to those holiday parties (and feeling deserving of a much-needed splurge)?  Try these DISTRESSED SEQUIN TRACK PANTS by one of our favorite designers, ROBERT RODRIGUEZYep, they are pretty much fan-tabulous andsure to make heads turn, Miss Fancy Pants. $795.00  Check them out here>.  We are pretty thrilled with our Burnout sweatshirt from the fall collection – see it here>.






Need a last minute gift idea for those near and dear? Try the WHISKitKIT from our favorite, MATCHA SOURCE.  It’s a three piece set with tea, whisk and whisk holder, all the fixin’s for a soothing bowl of that amazing green Matcha tea.  Remember, Matcha is a powerhouse disease-fighter and good for you in so many ways.  What better way to say “I love you” at the holidays? 




Let us know what you are loving in the comments section below or at info@mynewusual.com.  And happiest of holiday wishes from all of us here at MNU!










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