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Do you have joint and muscle aches and pains? I do, as a result of the medication I have to take every day.  In an effort to find workouts that wouldn’t hurt my already stressed bones, I started swimming four to five days a week.  It has helped tremendously with the muscle soreness, and the benefits of swimming are fantastic!  It is great cardio, an allover workout and muscle toner, and it gets you out of the gym.  Whether you swim indoors or outdoors, there is such a feeling of freedom as you glide through the water. 


The more laps I do, the harder it becomes to stay engaged, even when I switch up the types of strokes.  For my birthday, SuperHubs purchased a clever little MP3 player that I can wear in the water to keep me pumped up on tunes.  It’s called a Waterfi. They retrofit iPods so they are waterproof, and have a few different types of products available.





If you are interested in swimming and need a way to keep going when it gets harder and more monotonous, check these out!  We purchased the Swim Kit http://waterfi.com $154.95.


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