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Sultry Sangria-Lite


My genius husband came up with a few alcohol-free cocktails for me when I was having treatment.  They are still my go-to on most days.  This one is my most favorite. It’s tangy and sweet and it sure helps get that metallic taste out of your mouth from chemo or meds.  Most importantly, it is amazingly refreshing and totally festive!







1 cup flavored sparking water, lime or orange 

½ cup Rick Bayless Roja Sangria Mix (also available in Blanca, exclusively for Williams-Sonoma)


1 lime


Add sparkling water to a wine glass filled halfway with ice.  Add sangria mix to the top and squeeze ¼ lime into glass.  Garnish with a lime wedge and serve. 

*Should you want to add alcohol, use a light sparkling wine or champagne or a crisp sauvignon blanc in place of the sparkling water.*



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