Easing the transition to an extraordinary life

Hello Friends!

What happens when your life goes from ordinary to extraordinary? MyNewUsual® is your resource for assistance as a patient, caregiver or loved one. When you aren't sure what to do next, we can help. Our mission is to ease the transition from serious illness to new habits of health & wellness. We can help you find the way to the new you!

Hello Friends!

Thought of the Day – Some Days…

There will be days that seem like you will never make it through them, and then the sun comes up again. Keep going, something good awaits you on the other side.  

How to Live a Healthy Life

  How many of us spend our time looking for a quick fix to a healthy lifestyle? The latest fad diet or workout or green juice or supplement? It’s never ending but the truth is, there is only one way to really achieve a healthy lifestyle, and that’s by fixing those things within ourselves that View Post >

The BEST Kalamata Olive Dip

This is our go-to party dip (just used it again on New Year’s Eve and one person said it was the best thing they ever tasted 😆 ).  It is always a huge hit AND it is super easy. Inspired by a dish from the Biltmore Hotel in Arizona, ours has a lighter twist.   View Post >

HIIT That Belly Fat, Baby!

You know how it goes as we get older. That muffin top is an actual thing, and how the hell did that happen, anyway? You might still be working out and eating well, but your body is changing and so you have to mix it up to make it work differently.     According to a View Post >

Thought of the Day for the New Year

  From all of us here at MNU, we wish you a healthy and happy New Year. Believe that good things are possible, even when they seem impossible. And believe in the goodness of others. Happy New Year!        

Don’t Call Me a Cancer Survivor

    Friends – We came across this article from Reader’s Digest and thought it gave an interesting perspective. Everyone has their own journey through illness…what’s yours?       Whatever You Do, Don’t Call Me a Cancer Survivor. Here’s Why. A chaplain who survived cancer makes her case for dropping the “s” (as in View Post >

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