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Don’t Call Me a Cancer Survivor

    Friends - We came across this article from Reader's Digest and thought it gave an interesting perspective. Everyone has their own journey through illness...what's yours?       Whatever You Do, Don’t Call Me a Cancer Survivor. Here’s…

Things to Give an Ill Loved One

We all wonder what to send to people when they are ill.  Flowers, while beautiful, are unfortunately temporary.  I had wonderful friends who sent me lovely flowers. It made me feel special, and it was worth every petal.  One that…

Caregiver Spotlight

We ran across this article from AARP and felt it prudent to pass along to all of you angel caregivers out there. Meet the bipartisan lawmakers who are working together to champion the need of unpaid family caregivers,  by AARP's…

Kickin’ It Old Skool by Amy F

Here's this month's post by our Featured Contributor, Amy F. It's rock and roll!   It started out as a Facebook post by a friend – “I am officially an Adult Contemporary listener.” That then expanded into how scary it…