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Random Musings – Beller Nutritional Institute







I was lucky during my illness to have access to what I called my “A” Team of doctors and advisors.  It is so important in that process to have people that you can count on, and trust with your health and wellness. 

My mother, who was a big advocate of her own treatment during her illness, asked me to find out more about Rachel Beller, whom she had read about in Vogue magazine.  A registered dietician with a master’s degree in nutritional science, Rachel has conducted extensive research in the role of cancer prevention at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the John Wayne Cancer Institute.  I set up a meeting for her and Rachel helped create a plan for my mom during treatment.

I met with Rachel myself to work on a preventative approach before I found out about my illness, and after treatment to arm myself with the best targeted plan for continued health.  You may recognize her as the “Get-Real” nutritionist on “The Biggest Loser” or her many appearances on shows like “The Rachael Ray Show” or “The Dr. Oz Show.”  She recently published her first book, “Eat to Lose, Eat to Win,” which I highly recommend. 


If you are heading into treatment or heading out of it, check with your doctor and see if they have a nutritionist that they can recommend.  If it is part of your overall treatment plan, it could be covered by your insurance.  The cancer center where I received my treatment included a consultation with their nutritionist to every patient for free.

Whether you can meet with someone as great as Rachel or even if you want to try some of her tips on your own, this is something you are doing for yourself that is good for you, so make it a priority! 

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