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About the MNU Team


A brief introduction to the team behind MNU:



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Amy Gardner Kelley, Founder & CEO – A successful marketing and public relations executive in the fields of entertainment and technology, Amy is the driving force behind the creation of MyNewUsual.com. Amy helped care for her mother during her long battle with breast cancer, while simultaneously enduring the same journey herself. She is uniquely qualified, both from her background creating programs for high-profile brands and from her own deeply personal experiences, to lead the company’s mission: To ease the transition during and post-traumatic illness into a new way of living and giving assistance in creating new habits of health and wellness.

Kevin Kelley, Chief Technology Officer –Kevin is a 30-year veteran of the aviation industry.  His role at MNU is managing the technical aspects of the businesses and website, including the photography and video elements, and developing and executing major implementations and programming.

Ultimately, the Kelleys hope that by sharing their experience, you may find something helpful that makes your own journey easier. This is the foundation of MyNewUsual™ and the deepest wish of the “Chief Inspiration Officer,” the late Kathryn Gardner.  When the Kelleys have time away from MNU, they prefer to be in their kitchen entertaining friends and family, exploring the great outdoors with their loyal pup, Incredidog, and traveling around the world on new adventures. Follow @Incredidog on Instagram.




Christine2Christine Berardi, Food Editor

Some people visit museums on vacation in cities around the world, I visit grocery stores and farmers markets. I find hand lettered signs advertising “boiled peanuts, peaches, tomatoes, pies, etc” absolutely irresistible. I have approximately 1,000 condiments in kitchen at any given time (I’m exaggerating only slightly) and after a sweeping downsizing, have managed to get my cookbook collection under 150 volumes. Growing up, my parents bought carrots 50 pounds at a time and I had to take my own healthy carob chip whole wheat cookies to birthday parties. I try to regularly cook something that intimidates me (there are two live lobsters in my refrigerator right now) because cactus paddles are pretty delicious once you get past the prickles! I really hate raw squash and zucchini but really really love okra. I’m a home brewer. I prefer cheese to chocolate. My favorite dessert is probably pistachio gelato (but don’t hold me to that).



IMG_4074 Jamie Park, Inspiration Editor 

Jamie sees inspiration every where she goes. If it’s a flower, a fruit or a shape in the sky, she finds love wherever she looks. Who better to be our Inspiration Editor? A veteran of the entertainment business, Jamie has worked with the biggest names you can imagine, but it’s her beloved family (Ohana) and supportive friends that make her world go ‘round. If you are lucky enough to have someone in your life who is constantly sunny, optimistic and a joy to be around, then you know someone like Jamie.  Optimism and cheerfulness ooze from her every pore, and her weekly Monday column “Jamie’s Gems” is sure to get your day off right. Check them out here.




EmilyEmily Lucht, Youth Editor

Hi! I am currently a freshman in college and a proud member of a wonderful sorority of young women. I also have hydrocephalus. I am very outspoken about my condition and like to talk to others about it as much as possible to create awareness. This is why I am so excited to be the Youth Editor for MyNewUsual. I am so looking forward to talking to other people my age about their conditions and hoping to provide a unique perspective and understanding to the issues they are facing and how they manage to get through it. I look forward to sharing this journey with all of you!!!





Amy Flax, Featured Contributor

My background is as an agent marketing concert tours around the world.  However, I joke now that I should be given an honorary Medical degree in the field of Gastroenterology for all that I have gone through since I got my first stomach ulcer at 21.  Most recently, I have been dealing with effects of pancreatitis.  You know your life is out of whack when your pharmacist knows you by sight and sees you more than some of your best friends. In the last 5 years I’ve had 7 long term hospital stays, more endoscopies, ERCPs, laparoscopies, MRIs and CT scans than I can even count and enough blood taken to keep Dracula going for another 1000 years. I hope that through sharing my experiences, I can help readers of MyNewUsual to deal what they, their friends or family members are going through as well as share information and insight that can aid in their process.  And if nothing else, provide a laugh or two with my stories to help brighten your mood.  Most importantly, my hope is to show others that they are not alone in what they are going through and that there is a friend out there who really does understand.  I am right there along with you day by day trying to figure out what my “New Usual” is going to be.




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  1. So proud of you both! Congrats on creating this wonderful service – I will share this with my friends who are bravely fighting back & moving forward. Much love & affection.

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