Easing the transition to an extraordinary life

Welcome to our Blog section. We will be posting here regularly and also sharing opinions and experiences from our talented and experienced contributors. We hope you find something here that is similar to what you are going through or coming out of that helps you along your journey to “an extraordinary life.” And maybe you’ll want to Share your own story with the rest of our community.

Things to Give an Ill Loved One

We all wonder what to send to people when they are ill.  Flowers, while beautiful, are unfortunately temporary.  I had wonderful friends who sent me lovely flowers. It made me feel special, and it was worth every petal.  One that stands out to me in that crazy time was the Bonzai tree my friend Maria View Post >


I am very blessed to have an amazing group of brilliant and beautiful friends.  I am also lucky that these superwomen have generously donated their smarts and time to MyNewUsual.com.   One of these terrific braniacs is my friend and hair wizard, Chris Megia.   An international educator for Vidal Sassoon and a sought-after stylist View Post >

Caregiver Spotlight

We ran across this article from AARP and felt it prudent to pass along to all of you angel caregivers out there. Meet the bipartisan lawmakers who are working together to champion the need of unpaid family caregivers,  by AARP’s CEO, Jo Ann Jenkins.   It’s Time to Champion Unpaid Family Caregivers They are the View Post >

New Beginnings – Part Two

 Join us for Part Two of Neyonce’s “New Usual” It’s been 400+ days post D-Day (the day of my tragic insurmountable loss) and it’s been 21+ days since I’ve welcomed and accepted my transition into ‘my new usual’ life. While the debilitating pain caused by this loss has ceased (thank goodness, because I am one View Post >

A New Beginning

Please welcome our newest guest contributor, “Neyoncé.” She’ll be sharing her journey through her “New Usual” with us. Hope you will follow along with this powerful story of perseverance.   This past year I faced a tragic insurmountable loss in my life, it’s the kind of loss that debilitates you and knocks the wind out View Post >

Tick Tock by Amy F.

  Amy F. on her views of waiting…and waiting…       “And the DNA test shows……..you are NOT the father!!!!!” At which point you look at your watch AGAIN and wonder how many more episodes of shows like this you will have to make it through before the doctor FINALLY takes you in for View Post >

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