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Sexy? Who, Me?

You know who we need to be kind to the most? Ourselves.  Read on for more…


I saw this on the bike path at the beach the other day.  I believe it was part of a marathon course and designed to give encouragement to the runners, but I can tell you, it was EXACTLY what I needed to see at that moment.

I was just telling my walking buddy about some of my body issues as a woman who has gone through several surgeries, with all of the scars to prove it, not to mention the fun side effects of all of my meds.  And in that moment, I stepped back, read it and said, “YEAH! I AM!!”  Why are we so kind and complimentary to our girlfriends and other loved ones, and so critical with ourselves? Remember that body has fought hard for you, carried you and challenged you and made you the strong person that you are, all of your life.  Whether you are healthy now or in the process of trying to get there, that amazing machine of yours is working hard to get better, so be kind, be gracious and be grateful.  You are a work in progress, a modern miracle and one of a kind.  There is no one else on this earth like you.  And…you are SEXY! Hot damn!!



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