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Easy Dinner – Nosh Night

We’ve all been there. You have guests coming for dinner, and you are wiped out. Too tired to cook, to overwhelmed to order. So take a step back, let your guests contribute (everyone wants to) and consider Nosh Night!   



There’s probably a few things in the fridge already that you can throw together, like pickles and olives. Ask one guest to bring cheeses and crackers, another to bring a selection of meats, another to bring some great sparkling wine or imported beer.



 Hit up the deli for some marinated artichokes, caprese salad or roasted peppers. Swing by the seafood section for some jumbo shrimp or crab claws.



Grab a french baguette and voila! Dinner for everyone! You’ll have so much fun tasting everything, it’s sure to be a hit.




Top it off with a dessert selection of pastries, brownies and ice cream and you’ll have an evening to remember. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be a great meal.  😆





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