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Random Musings: Indoor Garden



(Derek & the Dominos)




We are LOVING these indoor garden ideas.  If you are an apartment dweller, live in a colder climate or don’t have any space outside for an herb garden, here are some terrific ideas for having your own little oasis inside your home. 

Fresh herbs make SUCH a difference when cooking, and many of them (such as parsley) are antioxidants and should be added to as many recipes as possible!  Take a look at the different ideas below.  All you need is a pot, a sunny spot and a little love to create your own garden.  The fresh smell of lavender or sage is an added bonus.

The vertical wall garden is becoming a movement.  Check out this great TedX Talk on a teacher in the Bronx who is using gardens and vertical walls to transform both his students and their community. Inspiring stuff. 

You may not have the cash to buy the items below, but if you put your thinking cap on, you could come up with a creative way to make something similar.  Go green!




Free Standing Vertical Garden$399.95 














BULLSEYEChalkboard Wall Planter$139.95 




























BULLSEYEFlorafelt Vertical Garden Planter, $119.00








Patio Herb Garden



This is a simple herb garden planted in the spring with a few plants bought from the local garden center.  The Italian parsley grew like gangbusters, and the cilantro was added to various fish tacos, tomatillo sauces and Asian stir-frys.   We also try to keep some basil and sage going, with a variety of tomatoes.  A little bit of heaven is just outside your door!