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Things We Love – The Book of Vegan-ish

Hey friends – Best-selling author and vegan advocate Kathy Freston is one of our faves here at MNU.


She just released a new book with co-author Rachel Cohn for those of you moving closer to a plant-based diet, that will help ease you into a new healthy lifestyle with simple, affordable recipes and a toolbox of tips and tricks.


Read Kathy’s introduction to her new book below. And Kathy, congrats!



Best-selling author and vegan advocate Kathy Freston


 The Book of Veganish is out!!!  I’m super excited and I can’t wait for you to see it!  I co-wrote it with the wonderful Rachel Cohn, because we were both just possessed by the idea that the new and upcoming generation – Millennials, young adults, and the young at heart – are the ones who are changing everything for the better.  And we want to support them (and you)!!!

We created what we hope is the ultimate beginner’s tool-kit for exploring a plant-based lifestyle.  No dogma, no right or wrong.  Just encouragement and love and easy-to-understand research that will help to inform the journey. 
There are 70 crazy-delicious-ridiculously-simple recipes designed by Chef Robin Robertson so that eating plant-based is FUN and easy.  They are all really hearty, and require very little time or energy.  (Chef Robin has been a favorite of mine for years, and I was thrilled to work with her on this!)



Nicole Axworthy was our terrific food stylist and photographer, and I think you’ll love seeing what your meals can look like.  Her pictures are fun and happy, and will inspire you to try some new and fabulous dishes!  It’s a cookbook you’ll want to leave around, so you can flip through it and enjoy at your leisure.  (Warning: will trigger hunger.) 😉
This was a team effort, and a joyful undertaking.  I hope you love reading and experimenting as much as I loved writing and putting this project together; it’s straight from my (our!) heart to yours!
With love,