Easing the transition to an extraordinary life

Perspectives: It is often the case that through sharing our own experiences, we can help others going down the same road. This is where YOUR story could mean something to someone else, so please feel free to share your journey, what helped you, what didn’t, where you are now. Whether in the comments, on our social media channels or by emailing us your story, we want to know how you got through it and what made it easier. If you knew then what you know now, what would you have changed? Share your story and help someone else have an easier time.

Denial is Overrated – Living with Diabetes

  Hello friends. We want to share with you a powerful story of living with diabetes from a dear friend of MNU. Originally posted here and written by Michelle Boise, the subject graciously allowed us to give our community her deeply personal insight into this chronic disease with her courageous story. Thanks Jen!    Jennifer Stilson Fleece View Post >

Thank You for Being a Friend by Amy F.

  Thank You For Being A Friend by Amy F.  So much of what is typically written relates to the patient and what they are going through versus those around them. As a patient, I can relate because what you’re dealing with physically and mentally can become all-consuming. Very often to the extent that everything and View Post >

New Beginnings – Part Two

 Join us for Part Two of Neyonce’s “New Usual” It’s been 400+ days post D-Day (the day of my tragic insurmountable loss) and it’s been 21+ days since I’ve welcomed and accepted my transition into ‘my new usual’ life. While the debilitating pain caused by this loss has ceased (thank goodness, because I am one View Post >

Tick Tock by Amy F.

  Amy F. on her views of waiting…and waiting…       “And the DNA test shows……..you are NOT the father!!!!!” At which point you look at your watch AGAIN and wonder how many more episodes of shows like this you will have to make it through before the doctor FINALLY takes you in for View Post >

Jamie’s Hearts – Pat & Richard, A Heart Story

  Stories like this make our hearts burst. Thank you Pat and Richard, for sharing your love with all of us at MyNewUsual. It is our privilege to pass it on. Here’s the first in what we hope are many stories of hearts and love in Jamie’s new series, Jamie’s Hearts.     “Love is View Post >

Walking on Water – Beautifully Flawed

The latest and greatest from our lovely Youth Editor Emily in her series, “Walking on Water- Living with Hydrocephalus.”   Beautifully Flawed   In the recent months, I have been having a lot of trouble with my cerebral palsy. I have been having more muscle aches and have recently developed symptoms of Runner’s Knee, even View Post >

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